With the goals of solidifying its corporate identity and establishing a robust online presence to improve brand confidence and strengthen marketability, a collaboration with the engineering and geoscience firm, Subsurface Dynamics, began in 2019 to revamp its logo and branding, and develop bespoke web pages and responsive digital materials that function, convert, and leave a lasting impression to the intended audience.
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Subsurface Dynamics is an advanced reservoir engineering and geoscience consulting firm that provides a full spectrum of data and geophysical services.


Emerging from market research, competitor analysis, and evaluation of the company goals is a unique logo and cohesive branding family, designed with artistic techniques to embody the core message of the brand, illustrated technically with versatility and scalability in mind, and implemented across multiple platforms after withstanding a series of tests and refinement to ensure a technological yet professional aesthetic and a timeless quality in every element.


Pulling inspiration from the nature of the business, the solutions it provides, the industry it serves, as well as its unique story, the official logotype exhibits an icon or an emblem by incorporating symbols such as a layered globe, the Sine wave, and the initials of the company name — paired with an elegant wordmark that features a classic font to maintain an understated simplicity and visual harmony.


Produced a tailored and branded corporate website with interface and experience designed around how the user reacts in the information environment. By considering market standards, understanding the vision of the firm, and blending in new ideas and tried strategies, a bold and futuristic visual narrative and aesthetic were implemented through digital design and web content to reflect the brand’s mission, capture organic attention, and push the industry at the edge of creativity without compromising utility and function.


To lay a concrete digital foundation and set a sturdy online presence is to be easily discoverable, seamlessly accessible, and intuitively navigable. Hence, the SSD website is built from concept to development with user engagement in mind, and optimized to be congruent with the most prevalent browser layouts and device orientations.

From curating imagery, iconography, and typography to creating multi-dimensional graphics, animated illustrations, and motion pictures, each component in the visual hierarchy and information architecture is designed to provide smooth navigation via strategically positioned menus, interactive way-finding cues, and engaging marketing elements that deliver a pleasant and satisfying experience with every visit.


Aside from emphasizing the pillar message of the company aligned with its culture and values, sustaining its newly found digital avenue and online presence are dynamic content packaged in the most immersive way not only to share the latest organizational updates, invaluable product data, and industry-relevant information but also to encourage user interaction, form stronger connections, and convert leads into loyal consumers.


As SSD thrives with its new identity, the scope of work has also expanded since, encompassing product logo and brand development, custom landing pages, and various optimization efforts to improve website performance and content engagement, amplify searchability, and generate quality leads.

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