Quarantine Restraints designs and manufactures engineer–certified cargo nets and securement systems built to protect passengers, transport cargo safely, and prevent accidents before they happen whether on the road or job site.
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Consistency in branding is the key to fully integrating an existing logo and redefining a brand’s identity. Hence, all marketing materials and corporate communications are strategically designed to cohesively fit with the personality of the brand, formed after the same workflow, and implemented to perform specific functions.


Since QR caters to both end users, industrial fleets, and regulating bodies such as Transport Canada, the multimedia corporate and marketing materials reflect the curated aesthetic of the brand that creatively depicts a balance of ruggedness for the outdoorsy yet professional to highlight technical competency and market leadership through bold graphics and imagery paired with clean layout and intuitive experience.


With the purpose of strengthening its online presence and reaching out to a wider audience through digital platforms, the QR website was developed with a coherent interface and optimized user experience backed with On-page and Search Engine Optimization. Landing pages for product marketing were likewise built to provide seamless access to valuable data and technical information by ensuring usability and compatibility with the most-used device layout and orientation. To emphasize the functionality of the website and landing pages, interactive components tied with the automated buyers journey and campaign pipeline are incorporated across the board via forms, downloadable materials, CTA buttons, site tags, internet cookies, tracking pixels, and other web beacons to generate impressions, convert leads through the funnel, and capture every user visit for re-marketing.


From traditional corporate materials such as brochures, technical data sheets, business cards, etc., to digital marketing assets which include product content for online campaigns, social media updates, and email communications — the production of these fundamental resources is centered around a well-rounded approach to marketing the brand and its products to both the ultimate consumer and decision makers by harnessing the combined powers of the latest multimedia technologies, user-driven designs, and industry-tested strategies.


By utilizing tools and software for client relationship management, social media content, campaign publishing, and marketing automation, digital marketing endeavors for QR were developed and launched not only to improve the discoverability of the brand, communicate its message, and promote its product value propositions — but also to elicit engagement with its current clientele, effectively convert its target audience, and understand both consumer profiles for informed decision-making and quality business relationship-building within the industry.

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