Pro-life Proteins provide healthy, sugar-free, preservative-free protein foods for a healthier option to help attain their fitness or workout goals. Scope of work covers logo and branding, marketing materials and packaging design, and development of the corporate website with e-commerce.
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A unique logotype and brand identity were created for Pro-life featuring ideas inspired by its story and design elements that reflect its purpose of creating a dynamic and exciting menu of healthier food options in the fitness and body-building worlds, from kids and the parents looking for a healthy snack switch to the health-minded shopper who doesn't have time to make their foods as often as they'd like.

Business + Product content design

Aside from the logo illustration and brand development, corporate materials and marketing content were produced for Pro-life from business cards and custom email signatures to product 3D graphics and packaging design. Every artistic idea and design process was conceived with functionality and cohesive branding in mind to help ensure a solid brand presence and workflow systems that deliver.

Packaging + Label Design

To package a product with competitive designs that function and attract consumer attention, the labels and packaging were designed with bold aesthetics, intuitive information system strategies, and versatile ergonomics centered around regulation compliance and effective shelf marketing. The designs were specifically produced to differentiate multiple product lines under one brand using cohesive colors, clever typography, and other modern-minimalist elements that are detailed in the comprehensive packaging tech pack.

Product 3D renders + Graphics

The packaging designs for each collection and some of the actual products were illustrated visually and digitally through 3D renders and graphics not only to improve communication with various development teams and third-party suppliers during production but also to supplement the marketing and e-commerce website projects in advance with quality creatives and valuable content.


Targeting both physical merchandising and online retailing of the products, a versatile business website and e-commerce platform were designed and developed for Pro-life Proteins that cater to vendor inquiries and direct consumer purchase. The different product collections were creatively presented through visually-appealing interface design and optimized navigation for users to establish an engaging and meaningful brand experience.

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