Kendric Projects provides innovative solutions through technical outerwear products and medic kits that suit the needs of first responders and paramedic teams — such as STARS and Ornge — to improve performance and ensure safety during emergencies and critical missions.
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By pairing the existing logotype of the company with creative and strategic branding elements consistently present on all conventional and digital marketing materials, the brand had an updated aesthetic and improved impression without losing its personality and core identity.


Designing, developing, and implementing web portals and landing pages have provided the organization with a far-reaching platform to convey information on the problems it aims to solve and make a case for the value of its products, while capturing untapped digital leads, nurturing its clientele, and establishing a more accessible and engaging brand.


The original content, imagery, and graphics creatively reflect the emergency preparedness industry and its target audience to deliver a personalized interface with the desired effects. Meanwhile, the optimized Information Architecture and marketing-driven functionalities such as forms and interactive components are incorporated to deliver an intuitive, seamless, and pleasing digital experience to the intended users.


Aside from corporate marketing, multimedia materials to promote several product lines were produced with great attention to form, fit, and function — ensuring brand coherence, usability, and versatility from brochures and technical data sheets to landing pages and online content.


 Through the forms, buttons, navigation elements, and overall layout, the website aims to bring an intuitive experience and beautiful interface without compromising functionality. Aside from the versatility in design, the website is also built to be responsive across different device layouts to ensure accessibility for all kinds of users. 

To officially launch the refreshed brand, widely publish brand new marketing materials, and fully implement its bespoke online portals, a comprehensive digital marketing campaign and public relations effort were built and deployed via automated multi-channel marketing including email, social media, and search engine; as well as through more traditional practices such as publisher and blogger outreach for press releases, media kits, and corporate communications.


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