Athena is a fully-automated, cloud-based production forecasting, economics and field surveillance solution that has been specifically developed to improve efficiency in daily engineering workflows. This project aims to create a well-rounded, and independent yet cohesive product brand that exudes the capabilities of the technology makes a powerful impression within the industry and encourages user interaction through creative content and targeted marketing materials.
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The product logo and branding include illustrating the logotype system and refining visual elements to build a cohesive aesthetic, marketable brand, and scalable identity for the product, as well as establishing a solid branding family for current and future products under the parent company. Created a memorable, responsive, versatile, and scalable product logo and brand identity for ATHENA that symbolizes its message and effectively visualizes the strengths, values, and culture behind the brand, yet remains cohesive with Subsurface Dynamics company branding by incorporating interface and aesthetic elements towards a unified family branding.

Brand-cohesive product identity

The logo icon’s foundation is derived from the Greek digraph or ligature æ, rooted in Latin and Latinized Greek. Incorporating the Sine Wave, similarly used in the corporate logo, not only unifies the product and company branding but also highlights the specialization in data and engineering. And to convey a recognizable visual message through the logo, enclosing the main icon in 2 rings represents technology, the encompassing of a target or a spot, and an Aegis or a Shield — a symbol of the Greek Goddess of wisdom and war, Athena. The overall design of the icon can also be seen as a wax seal or a modern-day stamp to embody the product and the company’s focus on information or knowledge.


The design and development of the product landing page and creation of content that integrates the finalized logo and branding system, such as realistic mockups of ATHENA’s interface, product brochure, logo reveal video, software promotional video, and copies for marketing. Incorporated symbolic components to creatively convey the story and personality of the brand with a modern minimalist interface by curating a light, airy, and neutral palette, not only to channel classical Greek aesthetics but also to emphasize the contrast between the product landing page and corporate website.

Responsive. Interactive. Goal-driven.

Developed an effective product landing page by designing an intuitive User Experience (UX) system and brand-consistent User Interface (UI) that functions and leaves a lasting impression, paired with a content strategy for the landing page that is focused on identifying the current and long-term goals of the product, understanding its specific benefits and value propositions, and translating those into dynamic content and fixed components to support those milestones.


Published a curated and uniquely designed blog post for the software launch supplemented with valuable information, engaging branding materials, and downloadable media kits. The post offers access to all marketing content and a long-format background about the product and its parent company. With the purpose of initiating the marketing campaign of the app and attracting leads to convert, the blog is built with optimized design and strategic segmentation not only to be informative but also to be easily shareable across various user and industry platforms.
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